Warning signal ?

Every month, since quite a time, so many
people had to die, lost their Hopes
to win against the Disease!
Wiping-out lives of a complete middle-sized town
in a single month, in spite of protection measurements!
Does Evolution still care or being a burden
to Mankind as a warning signal?

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Little autumn – river

Enjoying the small oil-painting, the artist un-known
Autumn-colours: so brilliant with leaves turning into
luminous yellow, the old beech-trees standing in rows
next to a small river passing slowly.
In the back some meadows and shapes of buildings
belonging to a hidden farmhouse…, the rest covered
with fallen leaves on the ground.
A calm atmosphere entirely lightened by a mild autumn-sun
taking us away on its wings like birds having just left –
for the SOUTH…

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An army made of Terracotta

Long-lasting material, an army made of clay
soldiers, horses, carriages that many
accompanying the Emperor, awaiting his orders!
Ready to conquer territories – during life-time –
hidden like frozen bodies as part of a monument.
Buried down in the earth, re-discovered once by chance
expressing global power and success, beside faith now
despair: confronted with silence, still-life after rumours
of war – allowing us to look into the Mirror of History
facing the past – like opening the door to catch light
and shadow of times, long-ago and to remind successors

to long for peaceful times – lasting for longer, since ever!

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FAMILY* of Mankind versus Disaster

Since ancient times, since the beginning of the settlement
of citizens, founding villages and towns, reaching back
past 7000 years as places of work, culture and social benefits!

But there had always been negative developments: instead of
homestead: Wars, instead of well-being: Destruction!
And through eras of Peace – Freedom and Prosperity: Sorrow, pain – losses! Mankind hoping for: Humanity, Friendship, Good-Will and never gave up!

Based on the Principle of Hope: the Chance to over-come Draw-backs and Time as its companion stretching out the hand to guide us: Mankind, right from the beginning, longing for ful-filment of Life : to-win-the-Future-to-gether* & never again Violence & War and still the Hope that this Way will lead us – out of Disaster…

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Celebrating the People

What a great challenge…, since early last year!
And still ambition and help given by nurses and doctors,
treatment of the elderly and all who are suffering under
this epidemic disease…
Being thankful to all who are involved day-an-night, without
blaming others and still keeping a smile on their faces!
Hopefully, we all shall overcome this bad crisis – everywhere,
staying-together as Mankind and Family of Nations, beyond medical treatment, innovation and good results from research & development..

and that Light-Speed-Projects may cause as well:

F-r-i-e-n-d-s-h-i-p bet-ween N-a-t-i-o-n-s: g-l-o-b-a-l-l-y

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Times of Spring…

Sunshine motivating to go out for a walk
blue-sky and a morning-sun, inviting for pleasure
End of winter-time not that far…
Families down in the city and a full car-park
next to river and lake, some bike-riders and
mountain-bikes in the outskirts,
the promenade along the former town-wall
full of visitors from neighbouring towns:
Out to greet SPRING which is about to come!

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Song of Spring

Xi’an – in ancient times , known
as largest City of the World,
still north-western Metropolis
merging influences from East & West
” Chang-An” significant, linked with
foreign cultures via the Silk-Road.
Citizens hopeful to over-come threats,
being optimistic – open-minded
seizing the Future, backed by History!

Not only admired by scholars of Poetry
but inspiring visitors still from abroad:
Melting- spot of inspiration – yet and for long,
welcoming SEASON of SPRING in its songs!

Reciting Du Fu: The Clouds white /green hills / beyond 10.000 Li /taking sight of the North with sorrow / Chang’an visible over there…

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So fantastic

Such a beautiful world, the seasons of cold, blossoms,
Sun, wind and rains of spring – summer – and fall!
During winter-time, nature retreats, gathering its sources
for showing its vitality – soon after!
Beside of flowers and green plants, fruit and various
delicacies to be collected easily, just strolling around
the garden area – a small world embedded in a greater ONE…

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from Ptolemäus to Galileo, a matter of science

His scientific – model of the Universe
beyond tales and giant-gods
belonging to the Roman Empire
Mathematics his profession: Ptolemäus
with the EARTH as the centre of the antique World
being a static model of the Globe
geo-centric, and the Circles of the Islamic
merging with the Christian myths,
setting paradise and underworld into places.
1543 a new model, the earth just a planet
cycling around the sun according to Kopernikus
and finally lenses taking a look on Venus
by means of a telescope designed by Galileo.

But what is the IDEA* of the cosmic universe, setting its marks?

Making answers simple as truth uses to be:
Astronomia Nova- eliptic cycles
from Kepler to Isaac Newton and
the power of Gravitiy – holding galaxies tight

the Universe endless, far-reaching, immense

and expanding at Light – Speed of HIS palm…*

(dedicated to friend U.K.)

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Mal nachdenken / Just think about

Ohne das LICHT, nur Dunkelheit, keine Pflanze
ohne Chlorophyll und UV-Licht, kein Wachstum
Basis für Evo-lution der Arten, Tier und Mensch
Keine Wärme, kein Sonnenstrahl, keine Farben
und kein fröhliches Kinder-Lachen
Nichts, einfach nichts, nur dunkel und kalt,
nur noch das Schwarze Loch, Staubsauger des Universums
alles verschluckend, vergessen, endend.
Welch eine CHANCE – Kinder des Lichtes: WIR

In the absence of the LIGHT, still Darkness
Without the phenomenon of the LIGHT, no growing
of plants, basic to Life and evolution of the species
of animals and Mankind
No cozyness, no colours and no laughter of happy kids
Nothing but Black-Holes, vacuum-cleaners of the Universe
finally gulped, forgotten, ending.
What a CHANCE for us, children of LIGHT, sent into being!

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